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Bespoke software vs. ‘off the shelf’

Do you currently use ‘off the shelf’ software such as Finance Software, CRM or an ERP solution? Finding the limitations frustrating?

Looking for something to fit your needs?

We build bespoke software systems from the ground up. Every project is unique and we never re-use old code. What we build is designed exactly to your specifications with the future and growth in mind. In our 10 years of experience in bespoke software design, we have never met a client that didn’t add further development down the line. Rather than shoehorning in a system or having to change your goals in order to fit an ‘off the shelf’, bespoke software is tailored to your needs, future proofed and therefore a wise and far more productive use of your investment. ROI is also far richer when your systems are built for purpose, ensuring efficiency and performance capability to achieve the objectives you set.

You will own all of the intellectual property, which means no monthly licenses and the only ongoing costs are hosting and support. Past clients have re-sold their package to competitors for 10x what they initially invested. This is why we see it as an investment to your business rather than an expense.

In addition to developing a solution from scratch, we can also build API’s and integration pieces. This means we can make existing software talk to other systems for example, unifying new and legacy software systems. This can streamline your processes, save valuable time and crucially, save you money.

Software can be a complex topic to navigate, and so we promise not to baffle you with technical jargon and terms. Instead we offer helpful advice and support, innovation workshops and documented process flows to get director level buy-in.

At Distinctive, we define success as achieving exceptional results that have a lasting impact on businesses, through creativity and technology. More than this we love to see our clients take that leap forward in their industry and lead through innovation. We have an experienced team of Developers, Consultants and Innovators ready and primed to work on the next project.

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