About Us

Consulting, technology & innovation

Distinctive Innovation is a consulting, technology and innovation company.

Great consultancy isn’t just about talking from the side-lines; it’s about rolling your sleeves up and bringing outstanding ideas to life. On every project, we work shoulder to shoulder with your team and transfer our skills. We don’t just work out what you need, we also make it happen. We have the experience, creativity and pragmatism, not only to identify the right solution – but to build and develop it too.

We believe in sharing expertise, giving practical support, solving problems, helping with scalability issues and winning people over… the list of business challenges we can tackle goes on and on.

Working collaboratively with you, we look at the business as a whole and plan out a pathway to achieve your business goals and objectives. Should you be in the market for a complete digital transformation for your business, we have all the capabilities needed to perform this and more.

Customer success and satisfaction is what drives us. In order to succeed, customer organisations need to put innovation at the heart of their strategy and drive continuous improvement in everything they do. Going digital is just the start…

What Makes Us A Great Partner For You?

That’s simple. It’s the people and the culture. The team members at Distinctive Innovation are some of the most creative, interesting and dedicated people you’ll ever meet, exactly the kind of people you’d love to work with and have managing your project. We always offer our customers an invitation to our offices in rural Northamptonshire to meet our team of talented engineers to see us at work first-hand.

At Distinctive, we define success as achieving exceptional results that have a lasting impact on businesses, through creativity and technology. More than this we love to see our clients take that leap forward in their industry and lead through innovation. We have an experienced team of Developers, Consultants and Innovators ready and primed to work on the next project.