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More and more businesses are using mobile applications to not only reach out to their customers but to also manage and process the work they do.

Communication is a key part of any modern business and is all the more important when your staff and suppliers work remotely. If you have a nationwide network of engineers, consultants, or installers and you need to manage their remote work instantly and reliably then a custom built mobile app is the perfect fit.

We spend more time using mobile devices than ever before and our working day is no exception. It’s now becoming unusual not to have a mobile app for your business. Whether that’s a new B2B app for you to manage aspects of the business, a quick dashboard to see how things are going while you’re on holiday or a fully featured B2C app for your customers we can help with the design, build and launch of the app.

The world of mobile app development is still changing rapidly and there are many ways to build them. For simplicity’s sake we’ve categorised them into 4 categories:

Responsive Web Apps

With modern browser standards it’s possible to build websites that know they are running on mobile devices and respond to that form factor.  They can completely change to look like a typical native app albeit it still running over the internet. A responsive web app is cross platform – it should look the same on Apple devices as it does on Android devices.  This massively reduces development effort but at the cost of slickness and access to the device’s hardware.

Native Apps

Built using Apple’s XCode or Google’s Android Studio, a native app is the pinnacle of modern app design.  Leveraging all of the hardware of the device a native app will be responsive, stylish and reliable. The downside is that each version has to be built separately and the costs almost double.

Progress Web Apps

Progressive web apps blur the lines between native apps and responsive apps – they are cross platform, built using web technologies but can still have aspects that work offline. 

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