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Each and every business is different and each has their own individual way of managing work, communicating with their clients and managing growth.

At Distinctive Innovation we believe that we can help any business grow with intelligent use of software and technology.

We can build any bespoke software solution that your business needs and each will be the perfect fit for your business.  There’s no need to work around or make do with our solutions – we simply build them to your exact requirements.

Many of the software solutions that we’ve created fall into one of the following three categories:


Every business needs customers – there’s no business without them!  Maintaining a good working relationship with your customers, whether they are prospects or existing customers, needs time and organisation.  A good Customer Relationship Management System will help you help your customers.


Many businesses find themselves repeating the same tasks for every job they complete. Ensuring these tasks are completed correctly can cause headaches for both employees and customers.

We thrive at building software to fit these specific workflow and ensure that they are completed correctly for every job the first time. Workflows are key to many businesses and getting them right the first time can dramatically save time and money.

Admin Panels

Back office systems are at the core of Distinctives offerings. With data becoming more and more valuable to businesses it is 

We’re at our best when we’re working with Microsoft Technologies when it comes to web applications and traditional desktop applications.  When we build mobile apps though we’re equally at home using Xcode and Android Studio. We make sure we pick the right tools for the job.

Web or Desktop?

In most cases the right solution for your business will be a modern, mobile friendly web application.  There are still times when a traditional desktop application is more relevant. Through our detailed requirements gathering process we can determine not only what software to build but also how it should be deployed. If you’re not sure we’ll guide through the benefits and pitfalls of each.

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